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Kidney Care Center

Mission & Values

Kidney Care Center providers specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all kidney related conditions. Our centers have the most experienced nephrologists and nurse practitioners, providing the most advanced treatment therapies, from general nephrology to hypertension, as well as dialysis and transplant care. KCC providers work with all members of the care team to become your partners in health.

in health

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to provide the best quality kidney care: that our patients  deserve, that providers choose for their patients, that our staff can be proud of, and that our partners prefer for long-term returns.

We are dedicated to our mission in improving the lives of our patients by empowering our team, becoming part of the communities we serve, and continuous innovation.

Our Core Values

Excellent Services
We strive for excellence in providing services to our patients. We continue to raise the bar to meet and exceed expectations.  

We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. We insist on building a diverse culture at our company coupled with respect and honor.  

We acknowledge that our services make difference in the lives of not only patients but their families as well. We are committed to serving them with empathy, helping them along their journey.  

We act with integrity and honesty in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards.  

We work as one unit, thus the name “KCC Family”. We believe in our mission and every member plays their part to achieve it, whether they’re working in a clinic or in an office.   

We act responsibly and we are accountable for our decisions, actions, and their consequences.  

We work together to serve the communities, understanding the culture, promoting love and care, making this world a better place to live in.

KCC Careers

Join the KCC Family and make a difference in thousands of lives.

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