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Expanded dialysis can improve quality of life in chronic kidney disease patients

September 11, 2021

A hospital research team from Lawson Health Research Institute has found that expanded dialysis can improve the quality of life in chronic kidney disease patients who struggle with the side effects of traditional dialysis. Expanded dialysis is a new method that removes a broader range of toxins from the body than traditional dialysis. This study was conducted for three months with 28 patients.

The new dialyzer that was used in the study has precisely made pores that allow larger-sized toxic chemicals to be filtered from the blood while retaining essential molecules such as albumin. The chemicals that can now be filtered out can cause inflammation, malnutrition, and chronic symptoms like fatigue. Traditional dialysis treatments haven’t been as successful at removing those chemicals and some patients experienced significant side effects.

One of the study participants with chronic kidney disease had been on dialysis for about five years. He was complaining of reduced appetite, weakness, and reduced quality of sleep. He reported feeling better, improved appetite eating, and improved quality of sleep with expanded dialysis.

With the first phase of this study has been completed and published in Kidney Medicine, the next phase will include 60 dialysis patients for up to six months of treatments using the new dialyzer. This second phase will be a multicentered clinical study led by Lawson, University of Toronto, and Humber College.

SourceLawson Health Research Institute

Dr. Umair Haider